STEPS for Assessment

Student Tracking, Evaluation & Portfolio System




 A powerful web-based interactive solution for collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting assessment information. 

ü     Developed and managed by academic professionals

ü     Market-leading features for “closing the loop”

ü     Outstanding service from trusted colleagues

ü     Designed to save you time and money


  • Complete assurance of learning audit trail
  • Retains student work, assignment descriptions and assessment
  • Uses multiple sampling methods to assign evaluators to student work


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STEPS Products and Services

  • Easy to use
  • Supports web-based assessments by internal and external evaluators
  • Provides mission-driven assurance of learning structure


STEPS offers product demonstrations via a live virtual demo and self-guided tours. 

STEPS 4.0 New Features

Store all process documentation including course assessment matrices, minutes, interventions, reports, etc. in the STEPS repository
Organize documentation for each program using the steps in the Program Assessment Process (see left)
Retrieve assessment history by individual programs, learning goals, and outcomes
Track and record progress on assessment activity and program improvements
Prepare standard reports for accreditation and other purposes at the touch of a mouse.
Provide guest passes for viewing process documentation to accreditation teams

Success Stories

"We had several faculty pilot-test it last fall, and they were quite happy with it."

Dr. Jim Clark
Associate Dean
W. Frank Barton School of Business
Wichita State University